If Nelson DelCastillo Fingerstyle TabsGuitar Arrangement: If Nelson DelCastillo Fingerstyle Tabs
During 90s, Nelson Del Castillo, a Filipino singer and song writer became popular for his song “If”. A song with lovely melody and rich piano accompaniment. And a song that Nelson created for his wife.

If you see that love shine through
Don’t be afraid to show me that you care
And I will take all the doubts in you
And show you what to do
And find a way to make you feel
That I am here ready to show you the way

Dreams are there for us
Dreams are sometimes end
Don’t ever think that I am just a dream
Since If is played on piano and with Eb signature key, it has been very challenging for me to arrange the song on the guitar. As much as possible, we guitar player like to have open strings on the arrangement. And Eb key is not ideal for the guitar. So I decided to arrange the song in G Major key, in that way open strings are possible on the transcription and the song become guitar friendly.
As you play the arrangement, you’ll encounter a D/F# chord. This means that the chord is D major with the F# bass. And to execute it properly, you need to use your left thumb to finger the F# bass. The technique also allows you to play A and D bass open strings while fingering the D/F# chord.
Anyhow, this arrangement of If Nelson DelCastillo Fingerstyle Tabs is easy, that every guitar player could play. Listen to the audio first then give your best grip.

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If Nelson DelCastillo Fingerstyle Tabs
If Nelson DelCastillo Fingerstyle Tabs
If Nelson DelCastillo Fingerstyle Tabs
If Nelson DelCastillo Fingerstyle Tabs