This website is created by Dondee C. Magnata, a Filipino self-taught guitarist, with the purpose of sharing his passion for the Guitar. The author also wanted to help fellow guitarist around the world to improve their playing and help them understand all the potentials of guitar playing. Because the author believes that playing the guitar is more than just a hobby. Playing the guitar is passion, it’s Life. provides you free Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements of Popular Songs and Tunes. All arrangements are presented in its simplest presentation to help beginners play the song on their guitar without exerting much effort, while maintaining the musical structure and beauty of the piece. To further help the player, the arrangements are included with complete notation with its note-to-note tablatures. Furthermore, the website provides lessons and tutorials discussing the techniques of playing the guitar.

Advanced guitar players may also find the website useful in building their repertoire. Though all arrangements are easy, advanced player can improvise the arrangement and play it according to their style. The player can add flavorful articulation and improve the arrangement with their advanced techniques and styles.

About the author, Dondee is a Licensed Electrical Engineer in the Philippines. He is married to Roxan and a father to Don Rossdale. He enjoys playing his Classical Guitar, together with his Fender Strat Elite and Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature Guitar. All he wanted is to share his passion, and connect with other guitar player thru his arrangements.

Thank you for visiting DondeesGuitar. Sending you my love with my wife Roxan and with our little angel Don Rossdale…

Keep the music rolling!