Arrangement: Angel Eyes Fingerstyle Tabs
Jim Brickman is one of the most admired pianist and composer around the globe. Thanks to his wonderful piano instrumentals and top charting hits that were popularized by several artists.

Some of his notable songs are Your Love, Destiny, The Love That I’ve Found In You, Valentine and many other popular songs. His compositions are mostly heard on weddings and other sentimental events and occasions.

One of the challenges that every guitarist is facing is to play piano composed songs on a guitar. Though they are both C Instrument, most of the time there are songs that are made for piano and have the difficulty to interpret on the guitar. Especially if the key used on the song is not friendly for the guitar, as the guitar loves to have the open strings.

But if the piano instrumental has the Key of C Major, most of the time the songs is very playable on the Guitar. Just like the beautiful piano instrumental of Jim Brickman called “Angel Eyes”. The song is in the key of C Major and this makes it a good choice for a Guitar Instrumental.

I have here my guitar arrangement Angel Eyes Fingerstyle Tabs. This is very easy arrangement,  give this one a try.

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Angel Eyes Fingerstyle Tabs
Angel Eyes Fingerstyle Tabs