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In 1993, Joshua Kadison released his debut album titled Painted Desert Serenade and it includes the song “Beautiful In My Eyes”. And the song became a huge hit because of its sentimental piano tune and meaningful lyrics. For many people, Beautiful In My Eyes is certainly a powerful love song.

You’re my piece of mind, in this crazy world
You’re every thing I’ve tried to find
Your love is a pearl
You’re my Mona Lisa
You’re my rainbow skies
And my only prayer is that you realize
You’ll always be beautiful in my eyes…

Here you can find my guitar transcription of Beautiful in My Eyes. The original piano key is in Eb Major, and to adapt the song on the guitar I used an A Major key. Along the guitar transcription, you will encounter several full and half barre on the second fret.

Just like on the intro part, where you have to do the first half barre in the D chord. This can be achieved by covering the second fret by your left index finger. Then extending your other finger to the specific note to complete the chord structure. This technique is essential for every guitar player that must be developed on early stage of learning the guitar.


Furthermore, let me discuss here a musical sign that every guitarist must know to interpret a sheet music well. Most of  you will encounter the D.S Al Coda. Just like on this arrangement:

DS Al Coda

D.S. Al Coda means “repeat from the sign until you see To Coda“. So you have to repeat the passage on part where you see the “sign”:


And play the measures until you see To Coda.

To Coda

Then play the song on part where there is Coda. That will lead you to the ending of the song.


Thank you for visiting. Below is the Beautiful In My Eyes Fingerstyle Tabs, arranged by Dondee. You may also like my arrangement of I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman, check it out. Thank you.

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Beautiful In My Eyes Fingerstyle Tabs
Beautiful In My Eyes Fingerstyle Tabs
Beautiful In My Eyes Fingerstyle Tabs
Beautiful In My Eyes Fingerstyle Tabs